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Expand your Business without technical hassles! We do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on doing more Business! Host your Websites & APPs with us and get FREE Tier-3 Admin. Consulting & Support with your Professionally Managed, Blazing-Fast Servers at HostSectors®

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HostSectors® is a Specialized Data Provider

Our NextGen Datacenters are comprised of industry’s most advanced Server Technologies, Software and I.T. Professionals! We deliver Ultra-Performance, Inherent Redundancy, Quality Support and Higher ROI for your Business!

Sophisticated Multi-Layer APP Security

Our application security system keeps APPs / APIs / Web-Sites extremely secure from DDoS attacks, Bots and other very complex threats.

Most Advanced Server Technologies

From A.I. Platforms to Core, Ultra-Performance, Dedicated Cloud-Solutions, our Certified Datacenters deliver reliability with sheer magnitude.

Extremely Powerful Network Security

Our network's precise sensitivity for threats results in intelligent security and unparallel machine learning Eco-System to protect your business.

Industrial-Grade Redundant Systems

Our products are logically developed to give your business the tools needed to boost forward with the power and the resilience of a large-scale project.

Empowered By EngineersWe're In The Business of Delivering You NextGen Front-End Technologies!

Our Cloud Experts are available to help you with any complex issues whenever you need them. We offer FREE Tier-3 Administrative support to help you with your most complex projects. Including technological expansion, server migration, website relocation, etc. Achieve the Highest-Level of trust and security with® Specialized Technologies.

Our Values Are YoursWe Deliver Business Centric Formulas With Maximum ROI.

At HostSectors® we strive to enable technologies for our clients which will not only make their day-to-day business operations more resilient, but also enhance existing infrastructure and provide unparalleled enterprise level support to guarantee reliability, up-time and infrastructural stability. We deploy, support and recommend the most trusted and reliable platforms in the world!


HostSectors® Datacenters are Located in 7 Regions. We are a Specialized Commercial Data Provider with 27,330 Plus+ Servers in our Datacenter Network.

800 West El Camino Real, Suite 180
Mountain View, CA 94040 - USA

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Ultra-Performance, Inherent Redundancy, Quality Support, Higher ROI... HostSectors® delivers reliability with sheer magnitude.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Support Lines

Our Elite System Administrators are on call 24/7. We constantly monitor our systems in junction to the automated systems.

Tel: +1 858.240.2126
Live: On-Line Support