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Enjoy increased flexibility & performance with HostSectors® Cloud VPS Servers.
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VPS POWER+ Nano Carbon (cPanel)
Powerful Business (SSD) Platform
$79.99 /month
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  • CPU
    3 Cores
  • RAM
    8GB Memory
    100GB Ultra-Fast (SSD)
  • DATA
    1,000 mbps Network Port
VPS POWER+ Silicon Carbide (cPanel)
Performance Enterprise (SSD) Platform
$99.99 /month
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  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    12GB Memory
    200GB Ultra-Fast (SSD)
  • DATA
    1,000 mbps Network Port
VPS POWER+ Polypeptide (cPanel)
Industrial Grade (SSD) RHEL Platform
$159.99 /month
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  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    16GB Memory
    300GB Ultra-Fast (SSD)
  • DATA
    1,000 mbps Network Port

Cloud VPS Servers Built For Speed and Scalability.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a very powerful Cloud-Based SSD infrastructure primed specifically for demanding business operations. Our VPS servers are a combination of the most powerful hardware available in the industry today, fused with the most up-to-date software of today. We do not compromise on performance! Get industry leading technologies for the fraction of the cost, and scale it up as your business grows.


No Waiting, Instant Provisioning & Activation!

When you order a Virtual Private Server (VPS) from HostSectors® it gets activated in minutes! Whether you choose Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, or Windows based operating systems such as Windows Server 2019. Your order will be activated instantly! You can manage your server as you wish from the Control Panel as soon as your order is processed!


Redundant & Solid Layared Technologies

Our state-of-the-art Linux & Windows SSD / VPS Servers come equipped with an arsenal of features. From pioneering server management technologies and automation platforms to Core, Ultra Performance, Dedicated Cloud infrastructure solutions, our Enterprise Datacenters’ Network delivers reliability with sheer magnitude.

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HostSectors® Cloud (VPS) Specifications

Our NextGen Datacenters are comprised of industry’s most advanced Server Technologies, Software and I.T. Professionals.

OS / Software PLUS
Security Software
CentOS / Debian / Fedora / Ubantu
MariaDB 10.3.27 / MySQL 8.0.27 CloudFlare Protection
Windows / 2012-R2 / 2016-R2 / 2019-R2
phpMyAdmin 4.9.7 MODSecurity Protection
cPanel / Plesk / Solid-CP FTPES Supported cPhulk Bruteforce Protection
PostgreSQL / SQL / MariaDB MSSQL Stored Procedures DDoS / XSS Attack Protection
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Let's Build Your Cloud (VPS) Server

Do you have strict requirements? Not a problem. Contact us, and one of our Experts will provide a solution precisely for your projects' needs.

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Frequently Asked Cloud (VPS) Questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about HostSectors® Cloud (VPS) Servers.

Do Virtual Private Servers have backup policies?
  • Yes! All VPS Servers include the required software to run full backups of your entire server, or schedule backup at time desired time. You can also create backups on demand.

What are the benefits of the Cloud (VPS) Server?
  • VPS hosting gives you high performance with an isolated environment where the CPU, RAM and storage are 100% dedicated and not shared with any other websites or apps. Cloud (VPS) Servers have higher performance and security along with more flexibility and control.

    VPS hosting also offers higher resources and bandwidth, which means faster load times and unlimited traffic. A VPS allows the admin more control over security hardening and is less vulnerable to hackers. Administrators also get full root access, there are no restrictions on the applications you install; you can access and edit the system files, settings and server logons at any point in time.

Do you provide Windows Based Cloud (VPS) Servers?
  • Yes! We offer Windows VPS hosting with resources staring at 2GB RAM up to 12GB RAM. Plus, you may add Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition (for WordPress and website administration) to create and manage your sites.

What is the difference between Managed & Unmanaged (Self Managed) Cloud (VPS)?
  • Unmanaged Cloud (VPS0 (also known as “Self-Managed Cloud (VPS0”) requires an advanced technical know-how and understanding of Linux command line. Unmanaged Cloud (VPS) hosting plans allows you to configure and update Cloud (VPS) hosting to your exact need.

    However, if you prefer to have an HostSectors® experts manage your hosting, then Fully-Managed Cloud (VPS) Server might be the right choice to fulfill your hosting needs.